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Factors to Consider When Choosing Cruise Line for the Family

When it comes to finding the best cruise lines for families, i am of the opinion that lodging, activities and food should be important factors that must be appraised before deciding on a cruise line. You may want to keep your kids happy while you relax on a boat.
i will like to know the opinion of others on this forum about the factors one can use to choose a cruise line for his family.

fishboats      07:03 - 19 Mar 2017


07:11 - 19 Mar 2017

safety is also very important. You cant just overlook the safety all because of food and comfort ability. Comfort without safety is a ruse


02:30 - 21 Mar 2017



08:34 - 23 Mar 2017


Gulf Coast Girl

02:55 - 02 Apr 2017

My family took a cruise aboard Norwegian cruise lines. Good service, but very overpriced. Don't recommend for family, I think thereare more activities for kids on Disney cruises, etc.

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