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What are some of the reasons we enjoy recreational boating so much?  Here are a few top choices:

Spirit of Adventure

The first sea captains who discovered new worlds knew all about the spirit of adventure at sea.  That same spirit is shared by fishermen, merchant seamen, islanders in canoes, and captains who have fought great sea battles.  You always have an adventure ahead of you, no matter what type of craft you have or reason for boating.

Family and Friends  Teamwork makes it all more fun.  Whether you are cruising, racing, or just setting anchor to enjoy the day, nothing beats boating with others.  Some people do like to go boating alone, but there are great satisfactions in sharing the experience

Fun and Recreation  Fishing, waterskiing, wake surfing, shooting the rapids in a kayak, rowing down your favorite creek to a picnic spot, or just setting anchor and enjoying a good time are powerful reasons why we love boating. 

It’s good for your health  Boating is exercise! It gets you outdoors, engaging your mind and body. You don’t have to be rowing, steering, or setting sails – just sitting at anchor and gently rocking engages your body in movement.  Plus, the relaxation is very healthy!

Learning  There is always something to learn about boating, and it requires education.  You learn about bows and sterns instead of front and back, starboard and port instead of left and right.  You learn navigation.  You learn new ways to operate a boat, safety rules, seamanship, charting a course, piloting, and understanding the weather and water.  And then there are those knots….

New Challenges Every Day  You will always sharpen your skills, make quick decisions, and face new challenges.  Boats are not automobiles – they are not as life threatening, but at times it can seem so.  You develop a loss of ego as you face challenges in nature that are bigger than you, and learn how to handle them.

You don’t need to own a boat to enjoy recreational boating.  Charter a boat by the hour or day.  Volunteer to crew with boat owners.  You can also join boat parties, and get out there with a group! Have Fun!  

By Fred Jones

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