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Pre Start Up Routine

What is your routine before you start up your boat? Do you check every single system? Make sure radio works? Make sure you have life vests, water, and first aid?

I wondered if it is important to check the condition of the motor, fuel system, gauges, etc every time. What do you do before starting up, and how long does it take you?

JoJo      01:30 - 09 Apr 2017

Admiral Kirk

02:51 - 15 Apr 2017

I do all that, Its just good practice. I keep my boat out of the water on a trailer, and I check as much as I can before unloading. Easier to fix problems then, and make sure there is enough fuel.


08:37 - 02 May 2017

Yes you cannot be too careful, and checking things out before you start is essential. I find that often it pays to check the fuel line and connections.

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